12.5% Tuition Hike at U of M

I am sorry, of course it is not a tuition hike! It is an ancillary fees hike but the fees will be going into general revenues much like tuition hikes.
Can we say shell game?
This hike has been reported on by Dana Gregoire of The Paulinian It works out to $456 in fee hikes to be approved by the U of M BoG on May 22nd. I do not know if this includes the $110 “technology access fee”.
An interesting note for my readers at McMaster, Dr. Emoke J.E. Szathmary is the President of the University of Manitoba. She applied for the President’s job at U of T and it is expected that she will apply here at Mac when Dr. George retires. I have seen her many times: cutting the line at Tim Horton’s, walking by the Students’ Union President without even acknowledging the UMSU prez, held the door for her three times over the school year and she never said “Thank You”.