On the alleged machete attack

The Ottawa Citizen reported today on allegations by Carleton University Student Assoication vice-president (student issues) and Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association presidential candidate Nick Bergamini that he was accosted by a group of individuals Monday morning on a bridge connecting Gatineau, QC and Ottawa.

Bergamini alleges he and his Israeli roommate, Mark Klibanov, were chased by a group of people yelling at them for their support of Israel and one yelled “you f—–g Jew.” One of the alleged assailants is said by Mr. Bergamini to have swung a machete at them.

The incident is under investigation by Gatineau police following the filing of a complaint by Mr. Bergamini on Monday.

Other than the details available from Bergamini himself, no one knows exactly what happened. I’m going to wait for the police to investigate before forming a full opinion on this matter.