Joey Coleman: McHattie motion to drop CP lands and go West Harbour

McHattie motion to drop CP lands and go West Harbour

Hamilton Ward One Councillor Brian McHattie is moving the following motion:

West Harbour Stadium Site

Whereas, there remains considerable uncertainty as to the possibility of the CPR yard lands as a location for the Pan-Am Soccer Stadium as evidenced in staff report CM09006(i), including outstanding financial, transportation, relocation of existing industry, and land remediation cost issues, and;

Whereas, the Hostco September 23, 2010 letter from Ian Troop to Chris Murray requires a definitive stadium site selection and City of Hamilton commitments on leasehold interests, remediation costs, risk assessment, and additional funding commitments to achieve a 25,000+ seat stadium, by September 29, 2010, and;

Whereas, there is a very real possibility that Hamilton stands to lose any Pan Am stadium investment altogether.

Therefore Be It Resolved:

(a) That the City of Hamilton commit to the West Harbour stadium site (including other site commitments as required in the Sept 23/010 Ian Troop letter), and request that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats provide a letter committing to the West Harbour, or;

(b) That should the Hamilton Tiger-Cats not wish to commit to the West Harbour stadium site location, that $20M from the Future Fund Pan Am Games allocation be re-directed to the renovation of Ivor Wynne Stadium, and that staff report back on options for re-allocating the remainder of the $45M Future Fund stadium allocation.

Listen to the meeting live:
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