"Accountability and Transparency" March 5, 2013

City Hall’s “Accountability and Transparency” sub-committee meets Tuesday morning as they being an ambitious plan to complete their 2007 work in 2013.

A&T Agenda

Lead by Ward 12 Councillor Lloyd Ferguson, the committee has been unable to achieve any progress on a lobbyist registry for the past couple of years. In 2007, they were supposed to complete a lobbyist registry policy to improve transparency at City Hall and replace the mockery that is the present voluntary “lobbyist” registry.

The committee will consider a staff report with a time-line to implement the mandatory lobbyist registry policy this year, it does not state when the policy will be implemented.

Agenda not public

The “Accountability and Transparency” sub-committee does not post its agendas or minutes online. Despite public calls for transparency, the committee continues to operate in partial secrecy.  Last year, I only received the agenda was it was leaked to me by a source in City Hall.

If the public wishes to see an agenda for this committee, they must make a formal request to the City Clerk. It is not available online, but can be read here.

Livestream at 2pm

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