50 year old pedestrian in critical condition after police pursuit ends in collision

Four injured in collision

A 50-year-old man is in critical condition with life-threatening injuries after he was struck in a two-car collision caused by a vehicle police were pursuing.

The collision occurred just before 10:30pm Saturday and was of such force, it was heard four blocks away

The man was a pedestrian at the corner of Herkimer and Hess when a vehicle speeding eastbound on Herkimer T-boned another car travelling on Hess Street with both vehicles mounting the curb. when a vehicle being followed by Hamilton Police travelling southbound T-boned another car travelling eastbound on Herkimer Street.

From the SIU:

Preliminary information indicates the following:
• Shortly before 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 7, 2013, an officer with the Hamilton Police Service attempted to stop a vehicle. When the driver of the Honda did not stop, the officer proceeded to follow it;
• The first officer lost sight of the vehicle, but soon after a second officer observed the vehicle and began following it;
• Shortly after, the Honda, which was traveling southbound on Hess Street, collided with a Kia traveling eastbound on Herkimer Street. The Kia struck a bus shelter on the southeast corner of the intersection. A man standing in the shelter was taken to hospital for treatment of a fractured leg.

The struck vehicle ended up in an HSR bus shelter.

It is not clear where the 50-year-old man was when struck.

Nearby residents, who quickly rush out of their homes after hearing the collision, say the man was pinned under the vehicle that was struck.

At 12:30 a.m. Hamilton Paramedic Commander Jim Summers said the man suffered severe injuries, especially to one of his legs, and was in life-threatening condition upon arrival at hospital.

The two people in the vehicle struck received minor injuries with one treated on scene and the taken to hospital.

The driver of the vehicle that caused the collision suffered serious non-life threatening head injuries.

SIU invokes mandate

The SIU invoked their mandate based upon the injuries to the pedestrian.

Winslow Taylor, the lead SIU investigator on the case, says Hamilton Police witnessed a speeding vehicle and began a pursuit.

The vehicle being pursued was then involved in the collision.

No further details about the pursuit were released.

At 2:00 a.m. Taylor confirmed the condition of the injured had not changed.

Taylor says the SIU has designated two subject officers and one witness officer. The SIU has assigned three investigators, two forensic investigators, and a collision reconstructionist to the case.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Taylor at 416-622-1988 or 1-800-787-8529 extension 1988, or can use the SIU’s online witness form.

Hamilton Police investigation

The SIU only investigates police involvement leading or contribution to the collision and not the collision itself. Hamilton Police are investigating the collision.

Hamilton Police Inspector Vincent Demascio said around 1:00 a.m. their investigation was ongoing. Citing the SIU investigation, the Inspector did not disclose more information. (Regulation 267/10 prohibits more information from being released)

At 11:56am Sunday, Hamilton Police posted to their media portal, “SIU investigating. Please contact SIU for any media enquiries.”

Passenger in Struck Vehicle Tweets

This section of story added Sunday at 12:15pm

A Twitter account, potentially of a minor, that states they were involved in the collision as a passenger in the second vehicle states their friend was driving them home from work last night when they were hit.

The passenger says they are sore, but without a scratch from the collision.

I’ve decided to not publish identifying details as they may be a minor and they have done nothing to seek having their name in the media. They were just driving home as you and I do every day. There is no overriding public interest in violating their sense of privacy.

Road Closure

Herkimer remains closed from Queen to Caroline. Hess Street is closed from Charlton to Markland.

Hamilton Police say their communications centre will update media when the SIU reopens the roads.

Update: 11:24am, local residents report intersection is open.

Neighbours looking for action to deal with speeding on Herkimer

Two neighbours I spoke to on Herkimer as they sat on their porches say speeding is a major concern along the street as traffic merges from Queen Street. One of them, who said he didn’t want trouble with street racers and didn’t want his name published, said he wants Ward 2 City Councillor Jason Farr to install speed bumps at just past Queen to calm traffic. Residents of the area noted this ongoing problem on Twitter as well.

Having walked that stretch of road twice daily for three years, I concur that speeding is a major problem along this stretch.

Addendum – The Reporters Notebook

A couple of notes that don’t fit into the story, but give you context.

SIU investigator at scene

The Special Investigations Unit as a reputation for secrecy and providing very little information to the media. Having dealt with the SIU in the past, I can state this reputation has been deserved.

Tonight, investigator Taylor arrived at the scene around 12:30am.  I asked him for an interview at 1:30am. He stated he needed more time to get more information and the SIU would be releasing a media statement in the morning. I stated I would wait until he could give a statement.

Just before 2:00am, Taylor walked to where I was waiting and provided some facts. I asked him a series of questions and he provided a very honest answer for not providing answers to some of the questions.

I asked when the pursuit began, where it began, and how it ended at Hess and Herkimer.

He stated he could not provide those details as he was “hold them back for the investigation to verify witness statements.”

This is a common investigative tactic. However, usually investigators dodge these questions with non-answers or “I’m not going to comment on that at this time.”

Not providing this information, for the purpose of ensuring truthful witness statements, serves the public interest.

The honest answer also provides me with confidence in Taylor.

I’m never had the SIU provide an interview at scene that I’ve attended.

Here’s a brief bio on Taylor from the news release in 2007 when he joined the SIU.

On Twitter

The collision was loud and many people heard it. Here’s what they and others said Saturday night

Crash at Hess and Herkimer St. #HamOnt @JoeyColeman

— Danielle Maria (@deehulan) September 8, 2013

Crash at Hess and Herkimer St. #HamOnt @JoeyColeman

— Danielle Maria (@deehulan) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman crazy amount of lights, sirens, fire trucks, ambulances, cops at Hess and Herkimer. Big accident I think. — Kristel Bulthuis (@kbulthuis) September 8, 2013

Shout out to the cops, firemen, paremedics in #hamont. Calm under intense pressure tonight. — Kristel Bulthuis (@kbulthuis) September 8, 2013

Avoid Hess and Herkimer – vehicle collision. 3 Fire Units dispatched #HamOnt (31st collision @HamiltonPolice have responded to today) — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

Struggle with people video taping accident scenes on their cell phones. What is the ethical, moral, legal thing to do? #hamont — Kristel Bulthuis (@kbulthuis) September 8, 2013

AVOID Hess and Herkimer. Very serious collision in intersection. #HamOnt — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman not the first time I’ve seen an accident there! People fly around that corner. I’m thinking a light is going in there soon — Kristel Bulthuis (@kbulthuis) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman Living on that exact corner I can attest to hearing many close calls and collisions there.

— Justin Wood (@jwoodisgood) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman Hess/Herkimer intersection has lots of t-bones, but this is beyond belief. Car inside bus shelter pic.twitter.com/JBudHOCNB5

— Sara Mayo (@sara_mayo) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman Neighbours think it was police chase because cops were on scene immediately. But no SIU here, so probably just coincidence. — Sara Mayo (@sara_mayo) September 8, 2013

Police have extended their lines to Queen and Markland. This is a serious collision. Three so say they witnessed stated high speed involved — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman i live right there. Ran out and a police car was already there. A chase perhaps? — David DeRoches (@exdj99) September 8, 2013

I’m at scene (Herkimer & Hess). Awaiting comment from @HamiltonPolice. SSgt says “it will be awhile” before media brief. — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

Police are holding a perimeter at Hess and Herkimer. No investigators withing inner-tape. I’m watching and waiting for update. #HamOnt — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

An Government of Ontario van on scene at Herkimer and Hess collision. Looks like @SIUOntario investigating. #HamOnt pic.twitter.com/Bgn7O2esqx — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

@TheSpec What’s happening on Herkimer right now? Lots of yellow tape and cops….

— The Gym on Pearl (@gymonpearl) September 8, 2013

4 injuries at Hess/Herkimer 50yr male pedestrian was hit and is in hospital with critical life-threatening injuries #HamOnt

— Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

20yr old driver of car that caused collision suffered serious non-life-threatening injuries at Hess/Herkimer. #HamOnt — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

Two people in the vehicle T-Bone suffered minor injuries. One treated on scene, other to hospital say @hemsparamedics #HamOnt — Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

@kbulthuis @JoeyColeman Hess is closed between Markland and Herkimer, SIU on scene. — Yasmeen (@YasmeenGjelsvik) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman sending prayers his way 🙁 — Lavandula (@Lavandula__) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman heard accident from our backyard on Stanley and kent. Thanks for the updates — Laura Milligan (@laura_milligan4) September 8, 2013

@JoeyColeman can you update status of pedestrian please? — Matt Penman (@MattPenman1) September 8, 2013

.@HamiltonPolice direct, as required by law, all questions to @SIUOntario. Going to try and get SIU to give statement… #HamOnt

— Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013

.@SIUOntario provided me an update. I’m going to write a story and include the update with context. 140chars does not give context #HamOnt

— Joey Coleman (@JoeyColeman) September 8, 2013