68 years later, Dieppe haunts us still

Today marks the 68th anniversary of the controversial Second World War raid on Dieppe, France. (Wikipedia)

The debate rages to this day – was it a worthwhile venture that saved lives in North Africa and Normandy or was it a slaughter orchestrated by the political interests of the British government to appease the Soviet desire for action on the Western Front to provide relief in the east?

I’ve studied the raid extensively over the years and hold the educated opinion that it was a combination of both.

While motivated by numerous political considerations – as most military campaigns are – it served as a valuable and necessary attack against the Atlantic Wall that ultimately saved lives.

Was Dieppe necessary? Yes and no – if not Dieppe, the Allies would have been decimated elsewhere. The result would’ve been worse and potentially decisive against the entire Allied war effort.

The men at Dieppe fought with valour and served their country proudly.

Their battle was a lost, but they helped to win the war.

Today, I paused to reflect on all they gave to my generation and to quietly say thanks.