6AM - Awake and bored - doing homework

It is too early first of all. I have been up since 4:45 doing homework. I need to get a life! Actually, I have one – homework.
I got a cooling pad for my laptop yesterday, charged it to my student account. Note to self: have to pay off account or no transcripts at the end of the year. The cooling pad is awesome. It is quiet too. Definitely helping my laptop processing speed.
My biggest rant today: I want to go to Guelph and have fun! I was last in Guelph last Wednesday night and it was great. Just went for coffee with a friend. I have not been back since and I want to go up but I have mid-terms next week. Maybe I will go up next weekend.
I am going to get dressed and go to the Pancake House. Wow, I have a good idea there. Do my reading and have a good breakfast…. good idea. My essay that I have partially outlined is due in 6 hours! Dang need to get on that….
no more blogging till tonight….