A Brave Young Woman

This takes courage to stand up especially in Tache Hall.
article in Manitoban
***—- The following only applies to Speechly/Tache Halls. It does not apply to St. John’s or St. Andrew’s College Residences which are not run by the University. Both of these residences have admission criteria.—- If you are looking for a great residence experience at the University of Manitoba move into one of those residences.
Furthermore, I am not accusing anyone of these acts and I know the University would punish thoses who committed these acts if found. I am exploring what I feel is a source of the lack of respect towards diversity in Tache Hall.

Sadly, this does not surprise me. Tache Hall’s problem stems from a systematic “Frat House” mentally. One has to just read the Frosh Handbook to see how it views women as sex objects and barely anything more.
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