A Canadian Web Flame War in Progress

Life in the Canadian Blogosphere just got very interesting.
In one corner; Former Chief of Staff to Brian Mulroney, leading Canadian News Junky, member of the Western Standard Group Blog, and Maclean’s Magazine.
In the right corner: Norman Spector
In the other corner; Senior Staffer to PM Chretien, a witness at the sponsorship scandal inquiry, loyalist to Chretien (and Sheila Copps – a politican I strongly support), top left-wing Canadian Blogger, columnist for the National Post, and communications guru.
In the left corner: Warren Kinsella
This started when Norman on his daily press review commented on Warren’s appearance at the inquiry.
Warren shot back
Norman returned fire
Warren shots back again
Enter Paul Wells: Columnist for Maclean’s magazine.
gets in and shoots at Warren
Warren shots back at Paul Wells and put a childish picture of Paul Wells on his website:

(note picture is not hosted on my site – it is directly from warrenkinsella.ca)
Norman shots a little bit today on his website
and the Oracle of Ottawa states his views this morning on his website.
Warren’s View
Norman’s View
Paul Well’s View
Oracle of Ottawa’s View
A NEW POST – Canadian Web Flame War in Progress II added on 27 Jan 05 check it out on the main page of my blog