A casino for Hamilton, look at all a casino has done for Brantford

A casino for Hamilton, look at all a casino has done for Brantford

Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina is exploring the possibility of a casino in Hamilton, reportsThe Globe and Mail.

[![](http://blog.joeycoleman.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Las_Vegas_Strip1-300x213.png "Las_Vegas_Strip")](http://blog.joeycoleman.ca/2012/04/a-casino-for-hamilton-look-at-all-a-casino-has-done-for-brantford/las_vegas_strip-2/)Las Vegas Strip
The province wants to generate more money from gambling and is playing hard-ball against downtown City of Toronto councillors who are moving to stop any possibility of a waterfront casino in the provincial capital.

Will a casino in Hamilton bring more benefit to the city than harm?

Looking down the 403 to Brantford, it’s hard to see much benefits flowing from their charity casino.

Brantford does offer Hamilton a valuable lesson – we need to get full-time undergraduate or college education into our downtown core.

Laurier’s Brantford campus is almost single-handedly reviving parts of Brantford’s downtown.

The future of cities is directly linked to the educational opportunities available to its citizens. Mohawk College is bursting at the seams.

We need to work to assist the college in providing educational opportunities downtown. Imagine the former Bank of Montreal building at King and James as a School providing a joint college-university program.

That’s what we need, anything else is a distraction from this opportunity.

Education – now there’s a gamble worth taking with taxpayers money. Why? Because it isn’t actually a gamble.