A COVID New Years Eve, Again

It is just over 5°C in Hamilton at 9:00 pm this New Years Eve. I am walking in Downtown Hamilton, going nowhere in particular.

COVID has ruined New Years Eve, Again. The present Ontario COVID regulations require restaurants to close at 11:00 pm, indoor gatherings are limited to 10 people, and outdoor gatherings to 25 people.

With 50 percent capacity limits, the restaurants along King William were full, there is the blinking of four way lights on vehicles picking up food delivery orders for those celebrating tonight at home.

The buses are free, as they are each New Year's Eve. The 9:00 pm B-Line bus leaves Main and John empty.

The sounds of distance fireworks fill the air, whereas most years the downtown be loud with crowds of people moving between bars with their noisemakers.

Emptiness, the City Hall forecourt, where selfies be taken and decades ago the old City of Hamilton held an official midnight countdown.

The weather is perfect for celebrating, the virus means we can't.