A Day to Remember

While, today was an interesting day.
A very interesting day.
I had a good day at work.
Anyway, about halfway in the day, I noticed that I forgot something at home.
This changed my plan for after work cause I had to go to a store.
So I decided to go to Food Basics which meant that I was not going to be on the bus I planned to get to Kiwanis before 5pm to pick something up. While I did not get to Kiwanis till 5:20pm and instead of quickly getting what I needed to pick up and leaving, I stayed for awhile. Then I missed the Barton bus (barely) to get to Lake Avenue, so I decided to go into Summit Direct to look at laptops for September. Then something really good happened…. which brings me to an idea…
Should I get LiveJournal or MSN Spaces for my private thoughts and debates … anyone got a preference?
Anyway, I am waiting for an email to arrive that I am looking forward to.
I was really bothered by the fact that my exam is tomorrow instead of next Monday because I do my studying mostly on Friday Night and Saturday Night but …. now I am relieved because I have Saturday night free to do something…. I have decided that I am going to try to have a life outside of school a little more often.
Lastly, check out this awesome new site: thefacebook.com
Currently it is not available for U of M but it is available for Mac which gives me mixed feelings cause it would be more useful for me to keep in touch with my Manitoba friends now that I am attending McMaster.
Joey out!