A Good Day for The University of Manitoba / A Bad Day for McMaster University

As some people are aware, I have quickly grown tired of The University of Manitoba and all the problems here. I will not go into detail on those except to say that I will not be staying here past this school year. I am not sure when I will be returning to Hamilton yet. I will be a “visiting student” for my first year back as I want to have the time to complete my transfer but not the worry of not knowing where I will be and when…. the whole I have to find a room to rent thing.
Here is the paper that is my ticket back:
Here are the courses and the reasons I am taking them:
Medieval Society
I have to take some “olde” history to qualify as papersmart so I am getting it done now. This will be half the requirement. I am going to try to find something else to take right after about the Protestant Reformation.
Intro to Labour Studies
I have to please U of M by taking six credit hours in something other than Nursing, Politics or History.
I think I am going to enjoy this area of study.
Plus, it may help me win election if I am ever competing with Wayne Marston again!
Probability & Linear Algebra
I have to take a Math Course in order to get the piece of paper.
Instructor: Henry Jacek
The relationship between politics and the media is analysed in terms of issues such as political news coverage, electioneering, political marketing, policy formation and publicity, and agenda setting and public opinion formation.
The objective of this course is to review the important aspects of the professionalization of political communications. Relying on traditional lectures, directed research and workshops, students will be introduced to modern political communication theory and practice and will have the opportunity to analyze specific political communication roles. I hope to have a number of guest speakers.
Writing a one-page press release (10%)
Writing a short newspaper op-ed piece (10%)
Writing notes for a political speech (10%)
Analysis of a specific political communication role/position (30%)
Final Examination (40%)
Now Dr. Jacek will have fun in this class with me! He is the Ph.D that you see on CHTV all the time talking about the effect of the media on politics. I should be able to poke him in class with my experience with the media in the political realm. Not to mention all the fun I have with the media at the Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys’ and Girls’ Club.
One Page Press Release – How many of these have I done. Hell, I can do a press release in my sleep.
Short Op-ed Piece – Sounds like fun, I will have to bring in a copy of The Spectator with my piece to hand in!
Writing notes for a political speech – notes, damn, I give political speeches all the time! While, I guess I can actually make notes to go with my speeches.
Analysis of a specific political communication role/position – this should be interesting. I should be able to write something!
Final Examination – I hope it is multiple choice!
(As a sidenote, U of M does not consider this course to be hard enought to grant 3rd year credits, I am only going to get 2nd year credits for this if I go back to U of M)
Theories and practices of the reciprocal relationship between the communications media and the political system.
Three hours (lectures and tutorials); one term
Prerequisite: CMST 1A03 and 1B03; or POL SCI 1G06
Cross-list: POL SCI 2Z03
This course is administered by the Department of Political Science.

I do not know what this is all about but it sounds like something that I will be able to quickly master. I mean one of my best marks in High School was English Media, half because I did not fall asleep in class.
I am probably going to ask to take:
Introduction to Social Work
General introduction to the values, perspectives, ideologies, settings and methods of social work within the broad field of social welfare. This course combines a practical and theoretical orientation to the field.

To top it all off, I am going to try to take a diploma in Web Design!
Web Design & Development Certificate/Diploma Program – 8932/8930