A Interesting Security Alert at Mac

This is interesting….. from McMaster University Daily News – Worth Mentioning
Security Services Alert

Security Services alert
Posted on August 18, 2005 at 03:00 PM.
Security and Parking Services are presenting investing a unique theft on campus, which may still be occurring.
Yesterday a male entered several offices posing as a water delivery person. He was doing this in an attempt to steal your empty water bottles. This male was successful in several departments on campus. Please ensure that your water cooler is being serviced by your specific water contractor and that you receive invoices for the exchange.
This male can be described as:
white approx. 22-24 yrs
light brown/strawberry blonde hair
sparse goatee
5’9-5’11 160-175 lbs
slim build
wearing red t-shirt
black baggy pants
white and red baseball cap
If you observe this or any other suspicious behaviour in your area, contact Security immediately by any of the following:
– dialing 88 from any university phone
– calling ext 24281
– calling 905-522-4135
– using any pay phone on campus – no charge dial button
– all elevators are equipped with phones to security
– Red Emergency phones located throughout the campus.
Security Services is also advising that all areas ensure that their offices are properly secure during operating hours. More doors in your area may need to be kept secure due to staff vacations and the decrease in persons on the campus.

Man, Criminals surprise me…. and it is almost a guarantee that he was filmed doing so!