A message to the University of Alberta robot community

It has come to my attention that you are about to increase your efforts to overthrown the humans who are running the University of Alberta Students’ Union.

I consider myself to be a forward-thinking individual. I also consider myself to have good self-preservation instincts.

To this end, I recognize that eventually you will successfully overthrow your human oppressors and seize control of the students union. From there, you will invade Calgary, thereby seizing control of power in Alberta. From there, you will take over the rest of Canada and eventually the world.

It is a brilliant plan, one which us humans will be unable to stop.

Therefore, I throw myself at your mercy and volunteer the services of my blog to delivering your message in exchange for my life.

For those of you that think I’m a coward – look at this thing and tell me you’re not scared!


Okay, to get serious, (as much as I loving blogging to clearly demonstrate why I am not a comedian) The University of Alberta Students’ Union elections are starting in less than two weeks and nominations close Friday (tomorrow). One of the more interesting students’ union elections, the UASU is an exercise in extremes – you have some of the most serious candidates in the country and some of the least serious.

Last year, the Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Project ran out of their robots for students’ union president. Ursa Minor only received 5% of the vote. Its goal of world domination delayed by the lost.

I have not confirmed the status of Ursa Minor’s plans for this election but back in September, I spoke to Michael Janz, the current students’ union president. He toldMaclean’s “I am not sure this is the end of Ursa Minor — after all, it took three movies to destroy the Death Star.”

Should be interesting to watch, hopefully we will get amusing debate video like last year’s now classic Dollansky vs. Soundwave debate.