A Nice Memory

While, I think of Hamilton more often now that I am about to visit and I have great pride for Hamilton. We are a city with so many strengths. I remember this event with extreme pride. Our city looked so great and so many people came out to the National Cycling Championships!
This picture is from Friday June 27, 2003 at about 0800. I am briefing my volunteers for the day. I cannot say enough great things about these volunteers. They were great and worked very hard. I hope that Hamilton gets another Cycling Championship, it was the most exciting event I have ever seen in Hamilton.
In other news, I have received my preliminary exam schedule and it appears I will be done April 23rd. I am not sure where I will be for the summer, I may decide to take courses at University of Alberta or University of New Brunswick. I am very excited right now and cannot wait for this summer!
September is getting closer by the day. I cannot wait to return to Hamilton and return to being a contributor to my community.