A song I didn't like triggers happiness

I’m going about my business getting groceries at the local supermarket when the elevator music playing overhead changes to a song I never really liked but triggers happy memories today.

It’s one of the favourite songs of a lovely lady I dated many years ago. I couldn’t stand the song, really couldn’t stand it. Today, it makes me happy as I relate it to her. (Her and I remain friends but live in different provinces so we’ve drifted apart over the years)

The song?

Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up – http://youtu.be/aJxrX42WcjQ

On the note of small things triggering memories. I went on a couple of dates with another lovely lady whom has a thing for cheesecake. Calling her love of cheesecake a “thing” is an understatement. (When I first met her for less than 30 seconds, our mutual friend whom I was visiting quickly said to me “No, Joseph” using my full first name for emphasis of her objection – that’s how obvious my interest was.)

The Chesse Shoppe on Locke displays a sign outside their door advertising the sale of Godiva Double Chocolate Cheesecake. Every single time I walk by that sign, I pause and think of her. (She lives in Europe now)

Both triggers of positive memories made my day yesterday. I’m very fortunate to be blessed with them as friends.