"Accountability and Transparency" cmte releases agenda less than 24hr before mtg

The so-called “Accountability and Transparency” committee is moving towards accountability and transparency – which is not to say they are actually being accountable or transparent.

I just received from City Clerks a copy of the agenda for their meeting tomorrow morning. On the agenda, a presentation from Toronto’s lobbyist registar and continuing discussions about the terms of a new contract for Earl Basse, Hamilton’s integrity commissioner.

This will be the third meeting of debate about Basse’s new contract. The sub-committee attempted at their first meeting about renewal to create a new bylaw gagging citizens who file complaints. During their meeting last week, the committee rewrote the minutes of their first meeting and backtracked from the gag bylaw.

Hamilton’s current lobbyist registry is voluntary. There is discussion about creating a mandatory registry and possibly giving it teeth.