Age Shall Not Wear Them, Nor The Years Condemn, 2020

Age Shall Not Wear Them, Nor The Years Condemn, 2020

I spent the summer of 2003 posted to the Infantry School at CFB Gagetown. There I served alongside many who already complete a tour in Afghanistan, many who would go to Afghanistan, and sadly some who would not return home from Afghanistan.

I've been thinking much the past few days about them, and how much fun each night in the Mess was with them. The Mess was abuzz with activity each night when I arrived. However, as soon as Jeopardy came on, someone would shout for quiet and all of us were quiet. If you shout out an answer, and were wrong, you were buying drinks for your table.

There is one person I'm thinking of this year, I visited his hometown last year. Had a drink at the Legion. He is remembered.

I also know of the struggles of those who came back from Afghanistan. I think of them today, and know this Remembrance Day will be more painful because we have to remember in private.

Each year, we age and they do not get that opportunity. Each year, there are less veterans of the wars of the 20th Century alive. We have to remember them. We will remember them.

"They died for peace. Let us live for it" - inscribed on the Cenotaph of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia