Anarchocyclist Coverage of SFSS - really good timely information

Updated 1 time last update 0400GMT 31 Oct 06

Anarchocyclist, a SFU student who blogs (surprisely) at has the inside scoop on the latest SFSS news on his blog.

He posts more information about the frozen SFSS bank accounts.  It turns out that payroll cannot be processed with the current freeze on accounts.  This is very concerning for the SFSS staff who have already been hurt by the actions of the G7 and now the conquences of the G7’s refusal to obey the will of students. The full post from Anarchocyclist » Blog Archive » SFSS bank accounts frozen: inside info revealed .

Also, Anarchocyclist blogs about the possibility of the SFSS Forum appointing an acting President of the SFSS.  It is a good post, I would go and read it.  **Correction: **The Forum does not have the power to fill impeached positions as per the SFSS bylaws: Bylaw 8, section 8

Update 1:  There is a student who voted ‘no’ that has reacted on their blog to the freezing of the SFSS accounts: