Another Aramark / U of M Rip-off

At last night’s Food Services Consultation, a couple of the students told me about the latest Aramark / U of M Rip-off scheme.
The Resident Students in Speechly & Tache Halls are required to pay between $32 – $36 for a dinner this Saturday. It is the cost of 4 regular meals for the students so that is why it varies depending on how much the student pays a meal. Here is the kicker, if the student brings a guest from off-campus, the guest pays the cash price which is $19.
What does this say?
That is the University and Aramark are jointing taking between $13 – $17 dollars more per student than what they need to. Knowing Aramark and this University, they would still be making a profit on the $19 meals but are extremely greedy when it comes to ripping-off resident students.
Their greed is mobilizing students to fight back, we have been taken advantage of by Aramark and this University for too long.
Now, am I slandering the University and Aramark? No, slander is when you do not have any basis in reality for your point of view. $32 – $36 for dinner to me is a rip-off and that is firmly grounded in reality.