Another Day

While, another day has pass and there are only 39 hours till I hand in my final essay of the year!
Today was a day to relax and celebrate, I achieved what I wanted to achieve yesterday. I got the University and UMSU to start talking about improving Food Services. I promised the University Administration that I was place a note on my blog about my Food Services Presentation about Residence Meal Plans. When I did my presentation, I took the “maximum minimum” for meal rates across the country. Basically if there were different meal plans for different residences, I took the maximum cost that a student could be forced to pay at that University. I should have been more detailed. I do not have figures for other Universities but I do for the University of Manitoba.
The 550 students in Speechly/Tache have a minimum meal plan of 11 meals a week in Pembina Hall for $2889.
The 250 students in University College have to purchase declining balance (good at any Aramark location on campus) of $1700.
The 310 students in Arthur V. Mauro do not have to purchase any meal plans.
Since I am not on Council and am no longer the spearhead on Food Services, I had a chance to do something today that I have not done for awhile: have morning coffee in M.Hall. Today was a beautiful day with the sun out bright and early this morning. M.Hall has very large windows and the sun beams right into the room. So, I got a good dose of Vitamin D with my morning newspaper and coffee. There were so interesting articles in the National Post today but nothing I want to blog on. Which brings me back to Monday when I said “I am Confused”, while it turns out the professor involved Mark Federman runs a blog. On his blog, he points out that he is victim of the soundbite and the quote does not accurately reflect what he was saying. I should know better than to trust the soundbite especially in print. (I was misquoted a couple times when I ran for School Board Trustee).
The UMSU AGM was today and we had a turnout of 20 people, 27 000 members and only 20 show up with most of them being Councillors. The AGM is the biggest chance for students to have their voices heard and nobody shows up! Man, I was disappointed. I brought forward some ideas. I suggested the former Movie Village space be turned into a Pizza Pizza with delivery. I also suggested that the UMSU website be made interactive with the President, Vice-President, and Student Directors having blogs to communicate with the membership. My blog has been very successful for communicating with students about what I am doing on Council and many people have talked to me about issues they read on my blog.
On the whole, a busy day but a fun day!