Another transit rant

The City of Hamilton is planning to start offering service to a GO Station starting in June. The bus will run to Aldershot GO station from the city of Waterdown. It will be limited to peak hours only.

Naturally, the city has missed a slight detail – there are no GO trains servicing Aldershot station during peak hours! I stand corrected. There is limited service at rush hour. However, there are no GO trains from 720am – 1020am which is the key time period this bus will run. In terms of the afternoon rush, there are four trains that service the station in en route to Hamilton. So, it is not the most effective bus service and does not serve individuals looking to get into Toronto after 8am. (This post has got the attention of people at the HSR and hopefully they will run the bus to the GO Trains during that time period.)

Congratulations Hamilton, you are creating a bus to nowhere.

(I look forward to the September report from the Hamilton Street Railway to City Council when they will say the route is a complete failure, shrug their shoulders and claim to have no idea why.)