As long as you don't throw eggs at me...

Ever have those days in which your mood swings, you know why, but you can’t seem to fully control it?

Today’s one of those days for me. Thankfully there are people who help make it better by brightening me day. I had the pleasure of meeting one at noon today.

I went to the Farmers’ Market at noon and bought a dozen jumbo eggs. That’s always a pleasant experience. I decided to not get a bag, instead carrying the carton, as a small environmental gesture.

Off I head to think|haus and onto the B-Line bus. I insert my bus ticket and ask for a transfer.

I see the driver talking to me, but can hear him – I have headphones on blaring music.

I take them off, “sorry, I didn’t hear you”

The driver responds “as long as you don’t throw any eggs at me”

I pause, confused. Then, I realize he’s referring to the eggs I’m carrying.

“I prefer eating my eggs”

“Ah, good. There’s your transfer,” the driver says to me with a smile.

It was a small exchange of humour.

It’s great to think about how each one of us can make each others day better with small doses of humour.