Audit, Finance, & Administration Committee for April 13, 2014 [Live @ 9:30am]

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Councillors will debate a recommendation from staff to do nothing to ensure email records are kept, receive an update on City staff free parking privileges in the Downtown Core, and debate a motion by Councillor Brenda Johnson to not allow procurement bids from companies in violation of City bylaws.

Live video and coverage begins at 9:30 a.m.

Email Retention

Full Story:City Staff to Council: Do Nothing on Email Record Retention

City staff are recommending maintaining the status quo on how the City does (more doesn’t) retain email records. The review of this practice was prompted by Graham Crawford’s frustrating and expensive experience filing a Freedom of Information request. The City charged nearly $200 for a simple email search, which returned incomplete results due to records being deleted.

Staff Parking Privilege Downtown

The City’s internal audit section is returning with an update on an audit presented to Councillors in September that found numerous employees receiving parking downtown, paid for by the City, who are ineligible for the perk. Some staff are expected to use their personal vehicle as part of their City duties. These staff qualify for free parking paid for by the City due to the requirement to use a vehicle.

The audit last year found 220 City employees receiving the perk. Six months later, 84 of the 220 no longer have the privilege, as they in fact do not qualify. Thus far, the City has saved $73,354.56 from not providing this perk to employees not qualified for it.