Avoid the UOttawa food

I’m presently at the University of Ottawa campus. I have been wandering around Ottawa since about 6am. Managed to get myself lost on a bus into Hull. I couldn’t seem to find a breakfast place that looked decent downtown. I figured that since I planned to visit UOttawa later in the morning anyway, I should grab breakfast here – BIG MISTAKE!

I arrived on the campus, went to the information booth and asked "Where’s a good place to grab breakfast on campus?" The lady replied by suggesting a restaurant just off-campus. I said I was looking to eat at a university food outlet. She advised me that I may want to reconsider. I knew I was in trouble then.

I grabbed breakfast from the university food service outlet in the student centre – wow, I haven’t had a breakfast this bad since…. while, since I was eating rations during army training exercises and I’m tempted to think they were better.