Ball Packaging - Great Community Givers

I have started a new category on my blog: HatTip.
What is a HatTip?
Simple, it is the blog lingo for acknowledging a good deed, idea, or referral.
This one is for Ball Packaging. Ball Packaging is a can factory located off of the QEW in Burlington, Ontario. It is an interesting factory. I have been there on numerous occasions and look forward to go back to visit when I return to Hamilton. Ball Packaging is one of the biggest, if not the single largest, per capita supporters of the United Way campaign. These blue-collar workers are amazing. I have gotten to know many of them and they are really good down-to-earth hard working people. They toured the Boys’ and Girls’ Club this past October and increased their donations to the United Way again this year. They also give to a different charity every month. Every December they give to St. Matthew’s House on Barton Street East, this after they toured St. Matthew’s House in the Fall of 2003. This year they were supported by a military unit. A link to the article on this is provided here: