Brian McHattie supports Jelly and Geleynse

An interesting thing happened this week, Ward 1 Councillor Brian McHattie publicly declared his support for a candidate in another Ward.

That was peculiar enough – rarely does an incumbent candidate get involved in races occurring in other wards.

The fact they he stated his support of Martinus Geleynse was not an endorsement – while acknowledging that it would appear that way – was peculiar as well.

Turns out McHattie is publicly supporting Matt Jelly as well.

If McHattie were not an elected official, this would not be surprising – I’m finding many people who are looking at the two young candidates and supporting both.

The fact that McHattie’s support of Geleynse came out publicly first, and Jelly second, is to Geleynse’s benefit. The question is: did McHattie intent it to play out this way?