Buying insurance, why not get a quote?

The Eyeopenerreports the Ryerson Students’ Union is deciding on its next health and dental insurance contract.

The RSU is divided between a pro-CFS Executive and a pro-independence Council. Many issues at the RSU involve some element of the CFS debate and insurance is no difference.

The pro-CFS side wants to sign with the CFS insurance plan, the pro-independence side wants to sign with Gallivan and Associates.

I’m not a fan of either insurance plan.

Frankly, with how lucrative student insurance plans seem to be, I question if students are actually receiving enough return on the money they put into these plans.

The amount of back scratching that occurs with these contracts is disgusting.

However, if a student union is going to sign a contact, the least they can do is get a quote.

The fact that the pro-independence side is pushing for a non-tendered agreement reflects poorly on them and they should immediately reverse their position.