Call Out: I Need Information on Campus Pubs and Their Losts

Yesterday, I posted the statement for the McMaster Students’ Union run pub, Quarters. I posted they it had lost $208,000 dollars in just one year.
Today, the Carleton SU Chair writes that the CUSA ran pub, Olivers, has actually lost more money than this and that these kind of losts are the norm for some campus pubs.
This is the quote in regards to the Quarters Statements:

Small point:
Here at Carleton, our pub (Oliver’s) has lost a fair bit more than that on an annual basis many times over the years. I suspect other campus pubs have also lost more than this over the years. It is by no means any kind of record.
Furthermore, such losses are not considered the end of the world, since:
– they are offset by profits in oher operations
– the pub is easily the most used “service” of the Students’ Association
A. – Mac alumnus, current Carleton Students’ Council Cahir

If this is the case, then I will have to reconsider my opinions about Student Union mismanagement. I only truly know of the financial state of the unions that release that information on the web or where the student press reports on the losses. None of them have been as high as Quarters, that being the ones reported.
I am definitely interested, how much money is your pub making or losing?