Calling All Candidates, Bloggers, and Independent Journalists

Calling All Candidates, Bloggers, and Independent Journalists

I’m inviting all candidates to discuss their platforms and why they are running for office during a live webcast.

[![My equipment in use to record an interview. (May 2013)](]( equipment in use to record an interview. (May 2013)
I’m sending invitations to candidates, by Ward and office sought, for dates on weekends during the months of June and July.

The interviews will be held in my office at The Seedworks in Downtown Hamilton – this site enables me to stream the interview and provides space for other bloggers and independent journalists to separately interview the candidates.

This means candidates can efficiently meet with numerous outlets of Hamilton’s vibrant independent media, and independent media can cover the candidates in an environment that facilitates good conversation.

With The Seedworks space (thanks to all those who support my crowdfunding), I have the resources to support other independent media, and I believe candidates want to reach independent media.

I’m asking the candidates to commit to a 30 minute interview with myself and at least another 60 minutes for interviews with other bloggers and journalists.

Independent Media Criteria

My office will enable three other interview areas, one of which is spoken for by a local podcast.

Due to limited space, I have to create a criteria for how I allocate it. To this end, space will be granted in the following order:

  1. Local neighbourhood / community planning team / student media publications
  2. Online media focused upon specific neighbourhoods
  3. Other media and online news resources.

Email Me:

For those interested, please email me

I haven’t set the dates yet, as I’m still talking with candidates to determine the best dates for candidates in each ward.