Cape Breton students “shocked” by CFS’ silence over ed program

The Cape Breton Students’ Union is angry at the Canadian Federation of Students (Canada’s biggest student lobby group) for not showing up at their recent rally. The union organized a rally with students, residents, university administrators and politicians to raise awareness about controversial recommendations from a provincial education panel.

“We would have at least expected that our provincial representation would have voiced concern over the recommendations of the education panel, but they remained silent,” said CBUSU President Ian Lindsay in a release. “This is an example of a student issue that can unite administrators, politicians, community members and business people, but, for some reason or another, the CFS did not attend or even pass along words of support.”

The students’ union believes that the CFS’ move was retaliation. The students’ union has been pushing for a democratic review of the provincial and federal chapters of the CFS.

Cape Breton students will vote in a referendum this month on whether to continue as members in the CFS.