I just got off the phone with BC CASA. I called and asked if I could get their materials in French. They said they do not publish anything in French. I asked them if they had published anything in French in the past, they have not. Asked if they were planning to, the lady I spoke to was not sure.
Asked if they were a member of the Canadian Federation of Students
They are NOT
Asked if they sent any money to CFS
They have NOT
Asked what languages they work in….. they said they print most everything in two languages.
English and SPANISH…..
I got the Spanish Translation of BC Central American Student Alliance
It is
Alianza de
Estudiantes de
So if I was going to register a bunch of domain names for this group I would also be registering
I just check CIRA for the Spanish name and it is not registered by CFS:

So what is going on….?
I just got off the phone with Ken Marciniec. He did not know this was the reason for purchasing the domain and directed me to talk to Philip Link. (On a side note, Mr. Marciniec was polite).
Mr. Link was polite as well and I had an interesting discussion with him about CFS Services. He was unable to give me any more details and said he was getting someone to call me to clarify what is going on.
He did state there is a group of CFS students in BC who want to form a Central America Students Alliance and there is potential that this is the a misunderstanding and that this CFS group did not know about this BC group.
I am awaiting CFS’s response and we will see what they say.
So what is going on here?…. looks like cybersquating, sounds like cybersquating
looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it must be a duck eh!