CFS cypersquats continued

Since I wrote on my blog about CFS’s practice of cypersquating, I have had tons of visits and given a few interviews to student newspaper across the country. I did not give an interview to The Sheaf at U of Sask. I was reading The Sheaf tonight and found this to be one of the best pieces written about the whole affair.

When I learned the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) registered the domain, that pettiness feeling crept up my spine again. CASA-ACAE is the bilingual acronym for the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA), the other national student lobby group along with CFS. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority lists the Ontario chapter of CFS as the owner of the domain name.
CASA doesn’t really need the domain, however; the French version of their website is under I’m glad to see CFS spending students’ money on a useless domain name.
Just politics as usual. No matter what level of government—provincial, federal, student—the same old games are played. How wonderful that those involved with student politics are learning the ropes at such a young age; it’s not uncommon to see representatives from CASA and CFS move onto political jobs with federal and provincial political parties.
Brad Levine went from CFS president to working for the federal NDP. Alex Usher was CASA president and moved on to work in a Liberal-appointed job with the government. Right here at the U of S, Jason Aebig went from USSU president to CASA president to working in communications for the Saskatchewan Liberals.
CASA and CFS is yet another sandbox for our future politicos to mess around in. Except they’re not messing around with Monopoly money, it’s the students who are paying for this playdate.

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