CFS - Healthplan Coverup

Wow, the CFS is getting caught in a lie to Global News.  They had claimed they never loaned money to the Douglas Students’ Union.  They also had their lawyer send angry phone calls to Global News.  As many people have put it to me, the CFS is “sue-happy”.  It is a shame to see Student Money wasted like this.

I am more disgusted with the CFS than I have ever been.  As those of you that follow my blog know, I covered the CFS loan to the DSU on my blog in the summer.  The article in The Peak disappeared after someone started suing them for the article.  I do not know who is suing The Peak but I have been able to confirm that The Peak is being sued by someone.  At the time, the loan was believed to be for $200,000.  Turns out it was for $300,000 dollars.  There was (and still is) no contract requiring the money be paided back.

The previous YouTube video of Global News coverage of the scandal has disappeared from YouTube.  I am working on securing the video and will post it to my server as soon as I get it.

The newest video can be seen on Youtube by following the link below:

Link to YouTube – CFS – Healthplan Coverup