CFS holds Mock Funeral at Queen's Park

I have to admit that this is a great photo opportunity that the CFS held recently in Toronto.  It really appeals to the base of the CFS.  Here is the picture by Mike Ghenu of The Varsity at UofT.

In terms of the quote from the CFS, I respectfully disagree.  Compared to Ontario’s most recent governments prior to McGuinty (the NDP of Bob Rae and the Conservatives of Mike Harris), the current premier is treating students much better measured by the rate of tuition increases than either government before him.  Tuition went wildly out of control under the NDP and then kept skyrocketing under the Conservatives.  Now, it is under control and predictable.  Of course, I am not happy with the 4.5% average increase per year right now, I rather have it only go up by inflation but I also have perspective of the recent past and am somewhat thankful it is not as bad as it has been in recent memory.

On the whole, I give the CFS credit for a great photo-op and getting their message out.