CFS - One Scandal After Another

I have been following two more Canadian Federation of Students scandals over the last week and a half. Both of which are shocking and show the continued out-of-control nature of the CFS. They are accused of bailing out a student union that failed to do an audit for third years and when finally forced to be the College administration; they failed. Not only did they fail the audit but they could not account for their being in near bankruptcy. Not to worry, since the union is controlled by CFS and the executive are CFS loyalists, the CFS was able to bail them out to the tune of $100,000 dollars.
Sort of interesting how the CFS increases their budget by 250,000 dollars by taking over the University of Manitoba Students and then they are able to hand over $100,000 to a bunch of their loyalists in British Columbia!
On the other side of Canada, the CFS is accused of ripping a Students’ Union off by intentionally misleading them about a repayment plan. It is very complicated but it appears to be that the student leaders of this student union have angered the CFS overlords.
Here is the letter from the elected representatives to their members explaining the situation: