Changed to me: Upper Sherman and Concession

There’s no 7-11 at Upper Sherman and Concession – this is just one of many surprises as I hopped off the Upper Gage bus a few days ago at the intersection. It’s been close to a decade, or maybe longer, since I stood at the intersection.

The Tim Horton’s that I purchased banana creme pies from is now a pharmacy. The hospital is expanded, renamed, and the emergency relocated. The bridge over the Sherman Access is “new” – completed in 2004 – with Mayor Di Ianni’s on the plaque. The 7-11 – that I travelled out of my way to get Slurpees at – a Big Bear variety store now, with Big Bee variety only two blocks away.

The Mr. Sub is still in the same storefront and of the same decor as the 90s.

The flower shop across from the hospital is closed, I remember reading about the closure of it and the flower shop near St. Joseph’s hospital with wonder – if a flower shop can’t make it across from a hospital, how can it survive anywhere.

This is just one intersection, the city is always changing and that’s the exciting part about the urban landscape – it’s always bound to surprise you.