Changing it up: Speaking at moMonday's Hamilton on (you guessed it) Monday

I think you’ll enjoy me sharing my entertaining story – which you think was from a sitcom – of the hilarious date I went on in 2004 which started when I she invited me to the races with her parents. I thought car races, it was horse racing and, yeah, it didn’t get better from there.

In a bit of a change of pace, I’m going to take off my “journalist / community person” hat on Monday and tell an amusing personal story at April’s momonday’s Hamilton at Tailgate Charlies. (Downtown, Corner of John and Jackson, 6:30pm, Tickets $15 in advance for full show)

That Dating Meeting The Parents Story

I’m going to share one of my favourite personal stories, the time I was dating an amazing girl and met her parents, and ever since then, I reference the comedic situation as one of my favourite stories.

If I had three feet, all three would be in my mouth during this hilarious meeting of the parents gone wrong.

When I share the story, you’ll believe that its the concept for a Hollywood sitcom complete with social misunderstanding, comedic conflict, and comedic location settings.

I don’t wish to spoil the story, or my planned show. I will say that my closest personal friends say its their favourite of my stories. I think you’ll both enjoy my story and the evening out.

Here’s the synopsis of my talk:

Culture Clash: Horse Race, Not Car Race – Joey is a first year, first generation university student, fresh out of the army and from growing up in subsidized housing. He decides to date an intelligent woman he met in French class on the second night of class, after a series of coincidences and misunderstandings. A few months later, she calls Joey “do you wish to go to the races with me and my family”. Joey loves car racing, but she means horse racing. What follows is a cultural collision that hilariously introduces Joey to the reality of interacting with a new, educated, social class.

momondays concept

The energy and enthusiasm of the host, newer Hamiltonian George MacPherson, in organizing the event and the underlying concept of an entertaining night of speakers as a show.

(Disclosure: MacPherson hired me to film the events. I’m not paid to speak at the event and there is no connection between my filming, speaking, or my journalism)

George contacted me in October of 2015 to ask me to speak. Looking at the concept, I noted there is a cover charge and declined due to the fee and my belief that it was an event of professionals speaking about their professions.

George offered me a ticket for the December event, saying I should attend to clear up my conceptions of the event. I wrote this review of the December event:

The speakers at momonday’s are not professional, for many, this is the largest audience they’ve ever addressed. This is an asset because these are speakers I wouldn’t hear otherwise, it makes momonday’s an unique offering.

Tailgate Charlies is a good venue for the event, right in the heart of the Downtown. I have to admit, I haven’t been in Tailgate for years and can’t remember ever being in the basement. It’s the perfect venue for a casual speaking event.

MacPherson was commanding as host with a good mix of levity and timing in his role as host of the event. I personally enjoyed when he made jokes about his adjustment to Hamilton and our unique localisms.

I haven’t met MacPherson previously and was reminded of the energy Dave Hanley of PopUp Hamilton brought into town when he was new to Hamilton and operating a Dishcrawl franchise.

Over at People of Hamilton, Amanda Stancati, profiled the event and host in her Q&A post entitled George MacPherson brings momondays to Hamilton.

why I’m speaking at momondays

I’ve enjoyed the February and March events, I love the idea of public speaking to entertain an audience, not to try to sell them on a service, a charity, or a concept.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of speaking solely to entertain an audience, I haven’t done that before and I thought stand-out comedy was the only way.*

(*Exhibit A – lame joke as evidence I can’t do stand up)

I love the concept, and the show. I’m looking forward to contributing to this newer event on Hamilton’s scene.

If you’re looking for something to do Monday night, think I may be capable of entertaining you with a story that doesn’t involve politics, journalism, or computer, I suggest you visit the momonday’s website and grab your admission ticket at the pre-sale rate.

See you Monday night.