City Building $3-million Breakwall on Cherry Beach

The City is building a breakwall to protect City-owned properties along Lake Ontario’s Cherry Beach in Stoney Creek.

The $3-million project is to minimize erosion along the Lake, which is presently swallowing approximately two metres a year of the City properties. The breakwall is expected to have a design life of 25 to 50 years.

Cherry Beach is located east of Millen Road in Stoney Creek.

The former City of Stoney Creek started purchasing the private cottages along the Lake in the 90s with a goal of creating a City park along the waterfront. The New City of Hamilton continues to purchase cottages that come up for sale.

The homes along Cherry Beach do not have municipal water services and most are seasonal in nature.

Resident Delegation

Don Bell, the owner of the 69 Cherry Beach Road, presented to Council suggesting it will be cost effect to include his property in the City’s breakwall. At present, the City owns the property adjuncant on both sides of Bell’s cottage and are planning breakwalls for each.

Bell stated he is not prepared to contribute to the cost of the breakwall on his property – he presently has a breakwall.

Staff say they offered Bell a cost-sharing arrangement.


Council approved the proposal.

There is now a 30-day public notice period for the environmental assessment.

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