CITY. LIFE. hamilton photographs by michael hrysko at HIStory + HERitage July 13 - Sept 7

CITY. LIFE. hamilton photographs by michael hrysko at HIStory + HERitage July 13 - Sept 7

One of Hamilton’s most prolific and original photographic artists’ work is being showcased this summer at HIStory + HERitage starting with this Friday’s James Street art crawl.

Michael W Hrysko’s unique lens-view will warm the heart of every lover of this city and offers the opportunity to see what is familiar in a completely new light.

The exhibit is “in six movements,” says Graham Crawford, curator and owner of the gallery.

The movements are: Steel, Streets, Skies, Shores, Systems, Structures.

Hamilton’s photographer – everywhere

I’ve followed Hrysko’s work for a few years always enjoying [his flickr feed]( and [500px site]( His photos always make me reconsider my view of the frame and see my city differently than during my daily adventures. His work showcases the everyday that we don’t notice, don’t realize is there, or just haven’t looked at the right way. His photos can be gritty, they can be polished, and they can be hard to completely understand. In short, like the city we love and embrace – it’s the perfect package.
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Exhibit need to know

CITY. LIFE. hamilton photographs by michael hrysko

HIStory + HERitage gallery
165 James Street North

Exhibit runs July 13 – Sept 7
H+H is open Thurs – Sat
11am until 5pm
July 13 & August 10 – until 10pm

Cost: FREE


One of my favourite photos by Hrysko is of a man sitting in Central public library with a rain ribboned window drawing attention to the view of MacNab Street in the background. The red lights below glimmer in the rain and the man appears peaceful in the centre of the urban jungle.

There’s this photo of a bridge that reminds me of a long indoor hallway corridor. I’ve probably given away too much saying it’s a bridge, when I first viewed the photograph, I had to think about what and where it could be.

The perspectives Hrysko chooses in his photograph can force the viewer to question their entire way of seeing a physical space. The bandshell at Gage Park is a large structure that dwarfs everything else in the centre open area of the park. Hrysko uses his camera to change the dynamic and make this man-made structure an ant among the natural glory of Hamilton’s finest urban playground.

Sneak peek

I took a sneak peek at one of the movements Saturday. The photos are colourfully displayed, the imagery designed to engage and make the viewer question their own perceptions of what’s in front of their eyes. Crawford and Hrysko have beautifully selected a collection of his most interesting photos and created a visual experience that leaves even the longest running fan of Hrysko’s work seeing it in a new light.

One photo left me second-guessing what my own eyes see by its clever pan zoom display. I was only allowed 90 seconds of the exhibit and it left me – a long time viewer of his work – excited to see it remastered.

The exhibit is unique to H+H, the photos are about Hamilton today –  many of them taken in the past year.

H+H’s focus to this time had been the history of Hamilton, stories of people from our past, and the unique historic architecture of the city.  It’s an exciting new adventure for one of James Street’s premier destinations.

The exhibit runs until September 7th and is completely free of charge.