City Looking to Invest $3.14-million in Energy Efficiency Projects

City Looking to Invest $3.14-million in Energy Efficiency Projects

Councillors are being asked to front the cost of $3.14-million in energy efficiency projects that will quickly save taxpayers money, and are expected to get a full return on the investment in 3.7 years.

The projects, if approved, will be funded from the City’s Energy Reserve account.

The improvements include Macassa Lodge combined heat and power, LED lighting at York Blvd City-owned parking structure, lighting improvements at other city facilities, improvements to ice arena refrigeration equipment, and new “low emissivity” ceilings for the Morgan Firestone arena and North Wentworth arena

The savings from the improvements will be returned to the Energy Reserve account, and is it expected the City will recoup full savings in 3.7 years, or 2.5 years if the projects receive provincial incentives.

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