City of Hamilton - On New Year's Eve, Do Not Drink and Drive BUT Do Not Take The Bus Either. Good Luck Getting Yourself Home.

UPDATE 28 Dec 06: The City of Hamilton is now offering Bus Service on New Years Eve!  Check out my update here.

The City of Hamilton wonders why its downtown entertainment district and core is suffering?  This could be part of the reason.  The City of Hamilton will be the largest city in Canada to offer NO New Year’s Eve Bus Service to get people home in the New Year.  That is right, at midnight on Monday January 1st, all bus service from Downtown Hamilton (and everywhere else in the city for that matter) will cease!

If you are one of the people that have purchased a ticket for New Year’s Celebrations, you have to drive your car downtown or take a cab.  Good Luck finding parking, something that is always in short supply.  Enjoy the entertainment but do not drink any alcohol because you have to drive home.  Also, be prepared to wait over an hour for a cab if you do drink because they are going to be overwhelmed by demand.

The following nearby mid-sized cities are offering some service after midnight:

The City of London Transit is offering transit until 1am.  It is free after 8pm.
Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge are all offering free transit service until 1am.
Mississauga Transit will be offering free service from 7pm until 4am.
Burlington Transit (Burlington is the City connected to the East of Hamilton.  It is also a smaller city) will be offering service until 3am.
Oakville Transit will be offering special bus service to meet the GO Trains after midnight from Toronto.
Barrie Transit will be offering service until 3am.