City of Hamilton Public Works Committee for June 3, 2013


6.1 Katherine J. Menyes, Director of Watershed Management Services, Conservation Halton, respecting Conservation Halton’s Watershed Report Card {00:20 – 27:25}
6.2 Nicholas Schwetz respecting tree health in downtown Hamilton {27:25 – 36:13}
6.3 Bruce Panagapko respecting the addition of more bike lanes {36:13 – 42:50}
[Note: Committee regained quorum after delegations and passed motions from 42:50 to 43:46]

7.1 Waste Collections Service Update {43:50 to 1:04:24}

8.1 Permanent Closure and Sale of a Portion of Road Allowance of Kingsview Drive, Stoney Creek
8.2 D.A.R.T.S. 2012 Deficit Funding {1:04:41 – 1:19:02}
8.3 Queen Street South at Stanley Avenue – Part-time Left Turn Restriction {Deferred}

9.1 Installation of Stop Controls McNab Street N. Two Way

10.1 Merulla for All-Way Stop at Monterey and Houghton
10.2 Merulla for All-Way Stop at Maple and Tuxedo
10.3 Collins, on behalf of Farr, for All-Way Stop at Bold and MacNab