Clarifications and Updates

I spoke with the UMSU VP tonight. The research position has been removed as part of the restructuring of UMSU
and Council was made aware of it. Council had many closed door sessions during the summer.
As it is a personal matter and I am not a member of Council, that is all the information I have and I understand the nature of the process is that I cannot have more. Since I have not heard any complaints from members of UMSU Council, I must assume that all is in order. I continue to believe that the position was good but I am not privy to all the information that the UMSU Councillors are, and as such, I cannot come to any further conclusion and my early statement was not as informed as I prefer to be before posting. I try to hold myself to a high standard and I failed to meet that standard. This is not at all a result of the UMSU VP telling me not to post what I did, it is a reflection of poor research on my part.
Ms. Aziz (the UMSU President) has brought up the issue of the bad-faith (against CIRA policy and opening CFS and its members to potential liability) registration by the CFS of She plans to bring it up at the next National Executive meeting of the CFS.
Since CFS owns the domain till 2007, the proper act by CFS is to transfer ownership to CASA of the domain. CFS is wrong here and they need to act to correct their poor decision.