Content Removed

I regretably removed content from my site today.
I say this because I believe that my archives should not be removed. Sometimes I read them and go, what was I thinking? Actually, there are things I would love to remove.
I received a letter from the lawyer of Joey Hansen which the lawyer copyrighted so I cannot republish it here. Basically, the lawyer took the position that I would be libel along with Global News for Global’s coverage of the DSU issue if Mr. Hansen wins his case against Global News.
This due to my republication (by way of displaying them on my site from a third-party host) of the Global reports on my site therefore rebroadcasting the libel if it is found to be libel.
Therefore, I have removed the display of them from my site to protect myself.
I do not know who uploaded them and have no control over the fact they are out on the internet.
I am not intenting to shy away from journalistic coverage of this issue. The allegations made by the forsenic audit at DSU are very serious in nature and are presently before the courts.
I will cover the court case as best I can from Ontario.
I am watching for any further reports on the New Westminister Police investigation into the DSU situation as well.
I am not shying away from coverage of this issue, I will report as best I can.
I do not know what the outcome of all of this will be. I look forward to reporting Mr. Hansen side of the case and am very interested in what is said. This is a major news story and will have a national effect for students unions.
Canadian Law on internet journalism is not clear at the present time. I cannot afford to fight a suit and still pay for school. My priority is school, this is why I have removed the content from being viewed directly on my site.
I also have been informed of a possible reason why there is vemon between The Other Press and The Peak. It seems that a former editor of The Other Press is now at The Peak.