Cool New Toy - Very Impressed

Yesterday, I approached the new University Librarian here at McMaster University when I was in the library. I had came across a blog he is maintaining a week or so ago. I thought it was great to see an intellect at an university blogging. There are too few doing so.
His blog is here:
So why do I have this wristband on?
Simple – it is a USB Flash Drive! 128MB, which more than covers the files that I use day-to-day.
Check it out:
It is the coolest bit of swag that I have ever received in University. I am using it constantly.
I posted about the new librarian and his blogging on LiveJournal. What follows is what I said there:

McMaster’s new University Librarian is a blogger. I have had a few discussions with him and I am very impressed with his knowledge and his plans for the libraries. I have been following his blog for about two weeks and I am enjoying it.
You can read it here:
He has comments activated on the blog so it is a good method of communicating straight to the top position in our libraries.
Not only is he blogging, he is getting the library system into blogging.
There is the Emerging Technologies Group Blog:
The McMaster University Libraries: Transforming our Future Blog:
More interestingly, the ETG group is using to tag and bookmark:
All of this is in its infantcy but it gives a chance to see where the library may be headed. I am very excited to see they are looking at Firefox plug-in design. Hopefully they will be coming out with some Mac Firefox plug-ins.