Cornell moves to prevent more suicides

Cornell University is trying to cope with two suspected student suicides in the last week, another suicide less than a month ago, and three suicides which occurred earlier in the academic year.

With six deaths this year, Cornell is sparing no resource in addressing the situation. The Cornell Daily Sunreports the university has started patrolling bridges on the 20,000 student campus and going door-to-door in residences to reach out to students requiring assistance during a high stress period of exams. Next week is the university’s Spring Break.

The situation is concerning and could happen at any university.

A few people that were/are close to me have attempted suicide. Thankfully, only one of these attempts was successful. These experiences have made me much more aware of the depth of human despair. Sadly, most people – myself previously included – are unaware of the signs of a person in crisis.

As a society, we need to have an open discussion about mental health and start removing the stigmas that surround those with mental illness.

We are silent about suicides,  it is distressing to think that anyone would want to end a human life – let alone their own. We need to end the silence so that people have the knowledge to help their fellow person and those who need help are made aware that it is there – that suicide is not the solution that will end all problems.

It is only by opening discussion about these issues that we can truly address them.