Corrections / Clarifications

I wish to make one clarification:
In a recent post entitled “My thoughts on the CFS / USSU deciding to appeal.“, I left the expression that the decision had been made to appeal. It has not been made. As reported in today’s Varsity article “Appeal thought possible in lawsuit over CFS referendum ‘yes’ vote at the University of Saskatchewan
the USSU merely voted to appeal if the CFS is going to appeal. I apologize for any confusion.
I wish to make a correction:
On a recent post entitled “An interesting Letter to Editor in the Spectator today” It turns out that the information in the letter published was incorrect. The letter had an interesting premise, if that premise were true. I have used the strike feature to mark that it was incorrect.
An aside:
The traffic to my blog has significantly increased in the last couple of months. I am working to hold myself to a more journalistic standard when delivering news items to my readership. I thank my readership for all your feedback. I am currently working on a few feedback form that will enable you to send news tips and stories to me directly from my site. There is a lot of information out there and I am always interested in getting more. I may not post the information but being an university student, it goes without saying that I love to learn.