Council to vote unanimously for new casino compromise motion: Merulla

Council to vote unanimously for new casino compromise motion: Merulla

Councillor Sam Merulla says City Council has settled upon a new compromise motion on the casino issue and will vote unanimously tomorrow.

Merulla made the statement during a media scrum with the only two media outlets present at City Hall during the day today: CHCH and myself.

The latest motion comes only days after OLG stated Council has a veto over any RFP that comes forward.

Merulla says Council will vote for Flamborough as the only location they’ll consider bids for. Council will not consider bids from downtown – at this time.

If no bids come forth for Flamborough, Merulla says then Council will have to consider all locations in Hamilton.

When asked if no bids in Flamborough means a downtown location, Merulla stated all options will be on the table, but he does not expect there will be no bids for Flamborough Downs.

Councillors often brag about often reaching unanimous discussions. The compromise motion, if passed, will allow Council to choose Downtown in the event OLG or casino operators refuse to continue in Flamborough – thus ensuring operating funds for the city – the primary concern of many members of Council.

Does it mean victory for either or both sides?

Much like the positions of the sides on the casino issue itself, it all depends how you look at it.

If correct, tomorrow’s meeting may not be as drastic as expected. It may not have any drama.